What is the secret to developing effective essays?

Well the key word in the title of this article is effective. Anyone can write an essay but almost surely the effective essay which will get the highest score. In this case effective can be related to a court case. You are a lawyer arguing for your client. Your client is your essay. How well you argue for your client, which is your essay, will determine whether or not you win the case. The better your ability to write, the more effective your essay will become.

So now we come to another word which is to argue. This is often the basis of academic essay. There is a question to answer or a thesis statement to prove. You become a lawyer and need to argue effectively to win the case. Follow the basic points below and you are well on the way.

The thesis statement is so important

At the beginning of your essay, in the introduction, you make your thesis statement. This is a sentence which describes the aim of your essay. How well you design your thesis statement will have an enormous bearing on the success of you creating an effective essay.

Let's say you are posing a question. The aim therefore in the remainder of your essay is to answer that question. How would you prove your case? You will do that by providing evidence to substantiate your point of view. How strong is that evidence? The stronger the evidence the better your chance of proving your case and thus developing an effective essay.

On The Way To Achieving A Strong Essay

You will further strengthen your case and further improve your chances of developing an effective essay if you are able to discuss the alternative point of view. Not only will this show you are widely read but if you can discount or disprove the alternative point or points of view, the strength of your argument becomes even greater. Your essay seriously becomes effective. Of course there are the fundamentals in essay writing which will also help develop something which is effective. Do you have the exact number of words? Have you added all the relevant information? Have you removed all spelling and grammatical errors? Have you done away with any vague or repetitious writing? All of the above fundamentals form the basis of what is an effective essay.


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