Where To Start Looking For Short College Essay Examples In Philosophy

Philosophy is quite a complex field of study. It’s not so bad when you start building a foundation by reading works of the fathers of philosophy like Plato, but as you gradually work your way up to more contemporary philosophers, you sometimes find yourself completely lost to the point that you don’t even understand what your assignments should be about. If you kindly follow these tips below, life might get a little easier for you.

  • You don’t have to agree with every philosopher: Whatever you’re assigned to read, the depicted theories need not necessarily convince you. You only need to understand them and be able to link them together.
  • Read the summary first: You might find yourself a lot less lost if you read a brief synopsis before really going in depth. You will usually find them simplified and easy to follow.
  • Videos: You may look up videos with summary and analysis of your book. This is a good start because the person explaining to you will use more of a colloquial language that will ensure you understand.
  • Reading other opinions: If you’ve read a chapter and you’re not sure what you think of it, you can browse other opinions and see which one suits yours best. If you’re inclined to disagreeing with the theories from the very start, you can specifically look up counter arguments and critiquing articles about said philosopher and follow the lead of the one you find closest to your opinion.
  • Building your own counter-theory: No matter how good these philosophers are, the essence of their persuasion lies in their eloquence in language. When reading it in simplified language, you may find yourself a lot less impressed by the main idea. Figure out what points you disagree with and build your own hypothesis.
  • Analogies: A good philosophical axiom includes plenty of analogies and metaphors. This will compel your professor to grade your paper well even if he/she do not particularly agree with your views. Remember that only a well-written philosophical ideology can be persuasive. If your speculation is brilliant, but you wrap it up in inarticulate language, it will only go to waste.
  • Samples: Even if you think you now know exactly what you should be doing, you should still take a quick look at samples. These will make it more visual for you to follow. You can find eloquent philosophy essay examples can be found on the web.

We hope you’re not as lost as you were before reading this article. Be sure to check out some of those samples before getting started. Good luck on your assignments!


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