Essay Proofreading Tips: How to do a Grammar Check

It is very annoying when you have an excellent paper as far as content, but you get a lower grade due to grammar errors. However, grammar and mechanics do count. Follow these tips for making sure you have no grammar errors in your essay.

  • Extra Set of Eyes: Hire either a tutor or writing company to help you proof your essay. It is easier for someone to see your mistakes. If a tutor or professional company is not in the budget, then see if you can find a peer tutor or a family member to help look over your essay for grammar mistakes.
  • Checklist: If you have a checklist, it will make your life easier when it comes to proofing an editing. Make sure the following times are on your checklist -
    1. Spelling
    2. Strong verbs
    3. Subject/Verb agreement
    4. Tense alignment
    5. Sentence construction
    6. Varied sentence style
    7. No first or second person
    8. No slang or informal language
    9. Addresses the topic
    10. Transitions
    11. Proper paragraph contraction with main points
    12. Strong thesis statement
    13. An introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion
    14. A hook
    15. Correctly cited sources
    16. References
    17. A bibliography or Works Cited page
  • Skim, scan, and deep read: Many editing, tutors, and writing companies use this process. You first skim, then scan, and then do a deep read to look for errors. Make sure there is down time between each of the steps.
  • Teacher: Most teachers are required to have an extra help day. Take advantage of the extra help day when you have an essay due. Ask your teacher to help you proof your paper for grammar errors.
  • Spell Check and Grammar Programs: With the wide world of technology, there is the advantage of using spell check. Obviously it will not correct all of your errors and if you are not careful, it may make new errors. Additionally, there are quite a few grammar program and apps available on line for help with editing.

Take advantage of some or all of these ways to proof and to edit your essay. Never turn in a paper that has not been proofed. It only takes a few minutes to proof and to edit your paper and the difference it makes is more than noticeable. A C score paper could be come an A score paper.


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