A List Of Fresh Essay Topics On American Government For University Students

It’s becoming a lot more popular for American Government students to have the chance to choose what topics they prefer to write their essays on. But sometimes this can be a difficult task for students, who struggle to come up with fresh ideas. We want to make that easier for you and are presenting this list of fresh essay topics for you to consider:

  1. What Is the American Government’s Role in the Economy? Discuss the relationship between the two and how it the growth and stabilization by bringing stability in prices and increasing employment.
  2. What Policies Does the United States have that Impact the Unequal Distribution Income and Wealth? Discuss how policies result in disappearing social conditions, where the upper class live in the nation’s major cities, and where poorer classes live within the same system.
  3. What Role Does the United States Have in the Nation’s Market Economy? Discuss the expanded role of the government, including how the nation spends its funds on agencies, how it taxes, how it generates revenue, how it procures products and services, deficits, budget surplus and so on.
  4. What Issues Are Being Faced by the New American Federal Government? After the Constitution was ratified, the United States faced several problems under its first president, Georg e Washington. What were these issues and how did they shape the future of the country?
  5. The U.S. and Its Views on Fascist Governments throughout History. If you choose to discuss fascism there are plenty of countries that adopted fascism – Brazil, Japan and Mexico – that evolved from the original Fascist state in Italy. How do these nations connect?
  6. The American Government and Its Basic Principles. Discuss the country’s major principles, such as democracy, the rule of law, a system with representatives, consent of the governed, etc.
  7. Compare and Contrast Presidential and Parliamentary Systems. Discuss examples of parliamentary system and how it became an example for several countries, contrasting with the system adopted in the U.S.
  8. What Impact Does Religion Have on the United States? Discuss how the nation was founded on religious freedom as well as the various examples that prove this, how the U.S. extolls freedom of religion in schools and how policy contributes to the country’s welfare.
  9. What Control Does the United States Have in Equality? How is the U.S. a major contributor to equality? What are the most important values that exist for the protection of civil liberties?

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