Creating A Winning Essay About How Money Can Buy Happiness

You have probably heard the old saying that money cannot buy happiness, and people who pursue that will likely end up unhappy. But money can buy a lot of things, some which are along the way to happiness. If you are writing about money in relation to happiness, there are a few ways you can go. Read some of the ideas below to find a starting point for your assignment.

Ways money can buy happiness

  • Money and peace of mind: most of us wish for a simple life with less to worry about. Money can go towards creating that, because you do not have the stress of not being able to pay your bills. You can discuss how different it feels if you talk to someone who has been poor before, and now is able to support themselves. The difference in quality of life is night and day.
  • Are the best things in life really free? Think about your family and friends. Well, in order to spend time with them, you need money for gas or food or movie tickets. In order to have a good relationship with your kids you need to pay for their education, clothes, and family outings. Connecting with people and living daily lives costs money.
  • Your attitude does not rely on money: While you can change how you see the world regardless of your circumstances, is it not nice to live in a safe neighborhood? Would you want to buy a house that is someplace quiet for peaceful evenings, or have a new vehicle that you can always count on to run properly?
  • The best hobbies cost money: Even activities that enrich your life or are low cost, still have some cost to them! Knitting requires needles and yarn. Playing an instrument can get very expensive, and you cannot learn as well or as quickly if you pick up a cheaply made one.
  • Can money buy love? When you find someone you trust and grow to love, money shouldn’t matter. But it is a fact that being able to take care of yourself and support a future family is an important criteria. As well, transportation to spend time with someone long enough to fall in love costs money. And while no, money cannot buy the feelings or companionship of love, it takes money to find someone to love and make a life with them.

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