How To Write A Proper Persuasive Literary Essay Using A Sample

A persuasive literary essay is intended to sway the reader's viewpoint and get them to agree with the writer. This type of writing requires the student to pick a side to an argument and defend their stance. Since it is a common assignment in literature and English classes, most students will have to use this type of writing at some point in their academic career.

  • Why Should Students Use a Sample?
  • Many students are unfamiliar with persuasive literary essays. Since this is not a common reading assignment, the student needs to read through a sample before they begin writing. By using a sample of a persuasive literary essay, the student can see the exact formatting requirements and writing style that they will be expected to emulate.

    To get a sample, the student should first ask their teacher for help. If the teacher does not have an example available, the student can try looking in the library or the college's tutoring center. In addition, students can look online for free example papers.

  • Highlight the Thesis
  • Once the student has found a persuasive literary essay, they can begin to read through it. As the student reads, they should highlight the thesis statement of the paper and the topic sentence of each paragraph. After the student has finished reading, they should go back through and look closely at the topic sentences. The student should consider how the writer built their argument and the steps that they used to support each topic sentence.

  • Looking at Citations
  • In addition to looking at the argument, students should look at the in-text citations and bibliography. For the student to get a top score on their assignment, they must be able to cite all of their sources correctly. To do this, the student should make sure that their sample is in the same writing style. They should also look at the different types of source formats like books, academic journals and movies. Each type of source will require a slightly different type of citation.

  • Keep the Example Nearby
  • As the student begins to write their persuasive literary essay, they should keep the sample paper nearby. By doing this, the student can easily reference the example whenever they have any questions. In addition, the student can use the example to create citations for their own paper or for help in building an argument. Through using an example, the student can ensure a better grade in their class and an easier time with writing the assignment.


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