20 Best Essay Topics That Will Help You Impress Your Professor 

Writing an essay on any topic of your choice is a great opportunity. This is a unique chance to show your creativity and impress your teacher. Moreover, the boring and standard process of struggling with your paper may turn into a fascinating adventure. All you need to do is come up with a topic that is interesting to you and gives you and your reader some food for thought. You have no idea what to write about, do you? Here is a list of great essay topic suggestions to boost your inspiration and imagination:

  1. My fate: is it predetermined by some higher forces, or can I shape it on my own?
  2. Why do people go for extreme sports? Are the health and life risks they encounter not enough to have these kinds of sports banned?
  3. Advertising of products for kids: the ethical side of the coin.
  4. Hiding behind the mask: do you agree that people around us just play their roles, and we don’t see their real faces? Why does it happen?
  5. Will the children of successful parents achieve much in their lives?
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling.
  7. The role of electronic and audio books in environmental protection. Let’s save the forests by refusing to buy printed books.
  8. Choosing your future occupation: should you listen to your heart, or analyze the market demand?
  9. Judge’s opinion may be wrong. Why do we still argue for capital punishment implementation?
  10. Modern art: is it really art or just mocking remakes of classical masterpieces?
  11. Should parents influence their children’s life choices and bring them onto the right track?
  12. Abstractionism – is it really about talent?
  13. Is graffiti created by artists or vandals?
  14. Following fashion or being who you are: what is more important?
  15. Video games as a kind of sports: is it possible?
  16. Is online social networking to blame for the inability to communicate in real life?
  17. Photoshop edited pictures of models in fashion magazines: is it fair?
  18. Does ecotourism damage nature?
  19. Surrogate motherhood: ethical aspects of the problem.
  20. A gadget I cannot imagine my life without.

There are lots of interesting topics you may raise in your essay. If you manage to fully cover the topic, intrigue the reader from the very first sentences, and make him or her keep up with the story development till the last word, your essay will be a hit, and the high mark is guaranteed.


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