What It Takes To Compose A Winning MBA Application Essay

With thousands of applications for MBA, your best opportunity depends on your performance in the application essay. The essay must stand out and be memorable enough to beat the rest. It must meet the expectations of the academic level you intend to pursue. What does it take to produce such a paper?

  • A Winning Topic and Title
  • The first encounter the vetting panel will have with you is through the title of your request. Craft it in such a way that it stands out among all the applications that will be sent. It must be unique in wording and in the subject discussed. The phrasing and choice of words must make members of the panel and anyone who comes across the paper curious of what the inner paragraphs contain. An ordinary title will through you into a pool of ordinary applicants who are difficult to differentiate. This greatly reduces your chances of getting a slot.

  • Good Grasp of Subject
  • The subject you choose to address in the essay must be handled like you are an expert. This means the inclusion of facts and insights that can appeal to the mind of a seasoned scholar. The ideas must also be fresh and factual. This is only possible through extensive research. Look for reputable writers and resources on the subject. Make the paper captivating to read.

  • Excellent Command of Language
  • All ideas are presented in the stipulated language. The greatest arguments will be lost in poor language. At the level of enrolling for an MBA, you should have good command of language. Choose appropriate sentences and vocabulary for the subject. Your language should fit perfectly for MBA and the issue under discussion.

  • Wonderful Presentation
  • The organization of your ideas, paragraphs, sentences and graphics will either attract or repel a reader. Check examples of winning MBA essays and how they were presented. Choose the right examples, order, tables and figures to present a memorable case.

  • Uniqueness
  • There are thousands of applications for any MBA class. Most papers are ordinary with nothing memorable about it. Find a way to make your application memorable. This could be through a unique topic. It could also be from your meticulous presentation of a mundane subject. Whichever way possible, make your application unique.

Competition for attention among MBA applicants is tough. Only a unique essay will capture the attention of the selection panel. Look through available winning samples and consult an expert to help you craft a winning paper.


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