Music and Passion

On August 3, 2011, I was young, vibrant, healthy, happy, virile and my hormones were raging.

There was a girl from the Academy that I went to with named Luisa. She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. She was tall, about five feet ten inches, perfect size zero body with an hourglass physique. She was, of course dark complected and had long, brown hair that reached below her shoulders. She had the most beautiful, pearly white smile and brown eyes. We were both fifteen and had been dating for two years. Before Luisa and I even know what the opposite sex was we were just friends, each going over to the other’s house on weekends and listening to rap and R&B. But, a few years, later, at thirteen, we were dating.

Since we were both Christians we, at first, decided to remain sexually pure until marriage. However, the desire to remain virgins until marriage was really just a fantasy that was perpertrated at the beginning of our relationship. As we were maturing in both mind and body, we knew that there was no chance we would be virgins on our wedding night.

Between August 1 and August 10, 2011, my mom and dad went to Bolivia for a vacation. The only people left in the house was the staff. On July 4, the day I turned fifteen, Luisa and I decided that we were going to take the next step in our relationship and make love the week when my parents were to be out of town. As far as the maids, butler and nanny were concerned they would be easy to handle. I would just tell them that my buddy Diego wanted me to stay over at his house overnight and I would be in the clear.

On August third, I showed up at Luisa’s house, ready for our date. It was exactly 8:07:31 and when I saw Luisa my mouth dropped wide open. She had a strapless, low-cut, short red dress on and her face was beautifully made up and she was dressed and groomed to the “T”s.

At 8:09:51, we finally left and went to the Hilton Hotel in the middle of Campo Grande.

By the time we checked in it was 8:32:01 we were ready for sex. Luisa turned on the hotel room’s CD player and the 1980s song, Lady in Red was playing.

Since we both liked to dance we stood in the room, slow-dancing to the song.

At 8:34:34, that song was over, and Tiffany’s Eternal Flame came over the sound waves.

After we danced to that song we climbed into bed and made love. This childhood exposure to American love songs, especially songs from the 1980s, inspired not only one night of passion, but it drew me even closer to Luisa. She had a big influence on me. Liking this style of music, years later with my fiancée Erika, we also listen to slow, romantic music.

As I am getting older and closer to marriage, I continue to listen to romantic music. I still like the other music I listened to when I was younger than fifteen, but everytime that I am with Erika I just want to put on more romantic songs and pull her close to me and start dancing. Slow dancing is the best way I can express my love for Erika beside making love to her. I may have my teenage girlfriend to thank for introducing me to slow, romantic songs, but my fiancée has continued in the trend that I first experienced eight years ago.

It really does not matter what style of music that a person prefers. The important thing is whether or not the music a person listens to inspires them, makes them sad or else happy. Being happy and inspired is, in this author’s point of view, the best kind of music to listen to.


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