Ten Good Topics To Write A College Expository Essay On

So you have received an expository essay assignment from your college professor. But she has not assigned you a topic for the essay. You'll have to do that by yourself, and then all the necessary research and writing. Here are some points suggested by a trusted book report writing service to keep in mind as you compose your essay, and a list of suggested topics for you to consider.

Don't Forget!

An expository essay is one that should be written in a clear, concise manner, and should begin with a straightforward, well-defined thesis. Your thesis will be in your introductory paragraph, followed by evidence to support your position in the body paragraphs of the piece. Finally, you will wrap up the essay with a strong, convincing conclusion. You should leave your reader impressed by the depth of knowledge you have demonstrated on the topic under examination.

Ten Topic Suggestions

  1. How Does Alcoholism Affect A Country's Economic Productivity?

    You could try for an even narrower topic, or a case study approach. For example, how does vodka consumption effect the productivity of the Russian work force? What are the costs of vodka consumption to the Russian health care system?

  2. How Would You Select The Perfect Mobile Phone For Yourself?

    Give a detailed step by step explanation of the process you would use to select the most cost effective and useful mobile phone (or ipad etc) for yourself.

  3. Who Is Your Favourite Musician?

    Give a detailed history of the best band in the world.

  4. How Has Our Communication Changed With The Development Of Mobile Technologies?

    The last decade has seen rapid changes in the ways we connect and communicate. Give a detailed report.

  5. What Will Be The Impacts Of Rising Sea Levels On The City Of London?

    Will the city be wiped out or moved to higher ground?

  6. What Are The Benefits Of Volunteering In Your Community?

    Volunteers are valued members in a community, can you quantify or explain exactly how they make our cities and towns better?

  7. What Made Sir Winston Churchill A Successful Wartime Leader?

    What qualities make for the best leaders in times of crisis?

  8. Why Is Windows The Dominant Operating System?

    Give the history of why and how Windows came out on top in the PC industry.

  9. Why Should We Take Animal Abuse Seriously?

    Those who abuse animals often go on to commit violent crime and even murder. Does our society take it seriously enough?

  10. My Dream Job

    What exactly would you like to see yourself doing in ten years? Describe the position, pay and perks you would expect, and how long (and hard!) you will have to work before you get there.


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