Composing A Strong Argumentative Essay About Success And Failure

Argumentative essays are quite interesting to write especially if the topic is right. With argumentative essays, you get two objects to provide argumentative points about. Probably two opposite scenarios proves to have the best point of argument. In this case, we are supposed to compose a strong argumentative essay about success and failure. With the right procedure this is a simple task.

  1. The topic/title
  2. So that you get a good basis of your argument, you need to think of a creative title. A good title will provide the best platform for you to argue your points effectively. To be able to choose the best topic, you have to brainstorm with the two words ‘success’ and ’failure’ in mind.

    Success is directly related to failure

    Success doesn’t mean you didn’t fail

    Think of many other topics and list them down, then eliminate one by one until you remain with the most desired topic of your choice.

  3. Research
  4. In order to compose a strong essay you need to have strong points to support your topic. Actually, based on the topic in discussion, find clear points or arguments that support your reasoning. Through the internet, you can find more than enough supporting statements regarding success and failure topics. As you conduct your research, note down the strong points that support your arguments it is easier when writing your final draft. As opinions also matters, find people to ask them about your topic. You can always get statements from other people that can be used to support your case.

  5. Introduction
  6. Success and failure is among the most common words in the minds of many people. Having a colossal introduction should be easy. Based on the topic you have decided to go with, introduce you argument in the most professional way regarding the feelings of others especially of those who don’t share your mind. As you write the essay, your main aim is to discuss your mind and let other people understand your thoughts so that they can relate to it.

  7. Body
  8. After the introduction, you will need to provide your arguments in terms of points. Make sure you have strong points that will make it hard for the reader to argue against, it is the only way to make the reader agree with your notion. Then conclude the essay stating the basis of your argument clearly.

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