Advancement In Computer Technology


Hardware and software form the basic foundations of the present day computer systems, and their study and development are represented by the field of computer technology. Over the years the technology has significantly advanced, offering new and advanced solutions to the use of computers.

Advances in the Technology of Computers

Advancement in computer technology, over the past couple of years, has not only enhanced the use of the systems in daily activities of human beings, but also added impressively in the field of education, health, production, and more. It may be said that the enhanced capabilities of the computer systems have the power to change the society of the future.

Some of the most advanced technologies that have already been developed and would soon bring a revolution in the world of computer technology, and especially in the use of personal computers, include –

  • Wireless charging – Very soon it can be expected to have a laptop and charge it without having the need for wires along with it. Intel is already working on it and such an advancement would be a reality very soon.
  • Connecting wireless laptops to displays – If this becomes a reality, then there may not be the requirement for display port and display cables, or HDMI any more. A wireless display would be capable of performing once it finds a laptop in its range.
  • Interactive computers – Use of voice recognition, gestures, and visuals would enable computer systems to turn into interactive devices which would further be advanced with incorporation of the 2D and 3D cameras.
  • Biometric sensors – Logging into the machine or for any accounts such as a Gmail account would soon be able to be achieved with the use of one’s body parts, with computer systems allowing biometric sensors for the purpose of recognition.

The computer technology can be said to have evolved significantly. While there are the positive aspects of the advancement in the technology, there is a negative side related to security issues that have also developed with such advancements. Hackers, spies, and system viruses are factors that are also in need for effective measures to be dealt with effectively.


It can be concluded that computer technology has significantly advanced and is offering the world with greater benefits, at the same time however requiring the need to overcome the negative issues related to the systems as well.


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