The Middle East Vs. The Isreali World

The war between the Middle East and the Israel World is far from being over. It is a state that is required to be alive so that some of the European nations can continue to benefit from it. There is no rivalry between the Jews and the Arabs that is there. All these were reasons or rather excuses that were made available to the two sides so as to start a conflict. The European nations later jumped in the name of helping. Since then, they have done all it takes to keep the fight on. All the stories of the religion rivalry are make up stories to maintain the situation as it is.

Reasons The Middle East Vs. The Isreali World War is Still On

Well, the war is a tool that is used by some nations to get a chance to exploit the resources in the Middle East. Some European Nations have got a vested interest in the Middle East region. They have thus put measures in place to keep the war on. The foreign Elite countries see the resources that are present in the Middle East. They find war as the only tool they can use to cause instability in the region and continue to benefit from it. The oil business and its control is the main reason the war is still going on. Interested countries fuel the war by offering assistance to the warring countries. The western media has also been accused of fuelling the war. Many people believe if the media were not covering the occurrences in the war, it could have died away long ago. The leadership of the two regions is also to blame. They let the two regions be torn down by war so as to benefit a few individuals. Some of them are used in exchange for money and other favors. The weapon sale is the other factor that has kept the war up this long.

Involvement of the Israeli World in the War

Israeli region is in the war just as a figure to keep the war on. It is used by countries like America so as to maintain the war alive. This is proven by the aid that the get from America in the name of both being Jews. The help is to keep Israel strong in the war. The weapons that they get from America create a need for The Middle East to buy weapons too. The foreign elites needed a region like Israel so as to be able to explore for oil in the Middle East.


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