How To Compose A Long Descriptive Essay: Great Suggestions

The task of scribbling an article using almost all adjectives that you can think about may sound easy for veteran writers, but for greenhorns, it will be a different challenge. You actually will think it’s easy from the start, but as you go along, it becomes more complicated; since you must make sure the ideas flow smoothly without repeating previously used words and it should convey clearly the descriptions you want to emphasize. This article will help you achieve a step by step process of writing a lengthy descriptive essay.

  1. Choose the most interesting subject that you would like to elaborate. – You are the writer, and you have all the right to think of your masterpiece, together with a mix of positive emotions that will make your article even greater.
  2. Use inspiration to fire up your desire of delivering the exact goods to your audience – If there is something very important in writing, then it is something that stirs you more to action. It could be your family or a special someone.
  3. Just enjoy what you are doing – Worrying too much may affect your focus. Do your thing and the rest will follow.
  4. Begin with simple descriptive words – You definitely should start with what is basic before everything else.
  5. Enrich your article with the use of different verbals – You can do this on the middle part of your article as a highlight to your descriptions.
  6. Take extra caution in using coined, blended and hyphenated words – It would be best if you do a little research first before using the variety of words mentioned to minimize minor errors.
  7. Make sure there is unity of thought in your article – All the statements in your article must be related and interconnected.
  8. There should be coherence in your ideas – Your readers should be able to understand the logical aspect of your article, and this would entail a consistent flow of ideas.
  9. Emphasize clearly the important points in your article – Your readers must exactly know whether you are recommending or suggesting something and if you are serious or mainly injecting humor.
  10. Check the correct spelling of every word in your article – This is a basic rule in writing you should not ignore.
  11. Capitalize words when necessary – You are not required to do this all the time, but this is something very important especially for proper nouns.
  12. Consider a grammatically perfect output – You don’t want to sound funny or unprofessional to your audience. Always ask the opinion of those who are capable of doing such very delicate job.

Always remember that good writers are not born but are made. If you are into the business of feature writing, blogging or content writing, always learn from your mistakes and make them as your foundation in developing your talent. Learn every day and be surprised of the endless possibilities it will surely bring.


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