Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay: Basic Manual For Dummies 

An essay is a written document about any topic. You can write anything or everything you know about the topic in the document. This document should be well written with perfect synchronization of lines and paragraphs. It is the reader who finally judges your writing. Hence, you have to impress the readers with your writings. Hence there should not be any kinds of mistakes in your document.

Essay writing

Essay writing is an art. It may take years of practice for a person to be an expert in writing. A mind to work hard, skill, researches, organizing ability and sophisticated style of writing are the qualities a writer should have.


Argumentative, cause & effect, narrative, descriptive and academic are the major types of essays. A writer should know what type of writing, he is writing. Each and every different type of writing requires a different style of writing. The writer is ought to follow the format and rules required for each writing. Even beyond these conventional types, there are several many more types of papers that students might be asked to work on.

What makes essay writing a tough job?

Not all can write beautifully. Many people may fail to convert the thoughts in their minds to the words. While there are people who can write, but could not submit the document on time. Lack of practice and planning are the major reasons for these problems.

Essay about 3-paragraph basic manual for dummies

There are certain style and rules to be followed while you write about manual for dummies. Details of this standard form are as follows.

  • There are three major parts in writing manual for dummies. The writing should be simple which should not trouble the readers.
  • The language used must be simple without any mistakes.
  • The first paragraph of the manual describes about the general features of dummies. It includes the size, shape, colour, weight and all other necessary details of the dummy product. You can also include the technical specifications in this paragraph.
  • The second paragraph should be about the details on how to use the product. Each and every point regarding the product usage should be in this paragraph.
  • The final paragraph should be about the precautions and maintenance details.

This is how you should write a document the manual for dummies. The 3-paragraph approach will keep it simple for the readers.


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