Completing An Essay About Technology Versus Traditional Skills

One of the most interesting essay topics to write about is technology versus traditional skills. With the unprecedented explosion of various technologies that are affecting or influencing virtually all spheres of our social and economic lives, it may seem as if traditional skills are becoming obsolete. However, traditional skills still have a special role to play in the society. Given these developments, there are numerous ideas or issues relating to technology and traditional skills one can write about. Here is a highlight of some intriguing suggestions on what you can write about with regard to this topic.

  • Explore How Technological Development is Killing Traditional Skills
  • You can write an argumentative essay and support the position that technology is killing traditional skills and traditional ways of life. In your paper, you can use several examples to demonstrate how certain technological developments in a particular country have wiped out certain traditional practices. For instance, you can look at the impact of social media on the traditional way in which a certain community or society used to socialize, date, etc.

  • Explore how Technology can be used alongside Traditional Skills
  • Another approach to the topic is to write a persuasive essay with the aim of persuading the reader that technology can be used to promote or enhance traditional skills and traditional ways of life. In your paper, you can choose to write about several examples of technologies that have been used to promote certain traditional skills in a particular society or community. For instance, you can write about how some societies have embraced some technologies and used them to improve traditional skills such as traditional crafts and arts.

  • Compare the Importance Technological Skills and Traditional Skills
  • Alternatively, you can write an essay that compares the importance of technological skills versus traditional skills in certain social settings. In your paper, you can choose certain technologies and traditional skills and compare how the technologies are superior or inferior to the traditional skills of a particular society.Additionally, you can compare certain technologies and how the technologies complement some traditional skills and ways of life in terms of the value that they add to the society.

  • Demonstrate how some Technologies cannot do without or can do with Traditional Skills
  • Lastly, you can write a paper on how certain technologies have to depend on certain traditional skills in order to add value to the lives of the people using the technologies. Alternatively, you can write a narrative to demonstrate how certain technologies can completely replace certain traditional skills in a particular society.


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