Today television shows, books, and movies about vampires are all the rage. Today they have become more attractive, misunderstood heroes. Vampires have become icons of the ultimate fantasy of immortality. Dracula, the original vampire wasn’t as attractive, in fact he was more like a thug.

Dracula the Immortal

In 1897, Bram Stoker penned the novel Dracula. More than a century after the book was published, Dracula still lives. While he wasn’t the first vampire in literary fiction, however many future depictions were based on him. Everything from the old Hammer horror movies to current shows like Vampire Diaries, and even Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. They are all descendants of the original Dracula.

Dracula has remained a staple of Gothic fiction. He is charismatic as well as fiendish. He is the ultimate king of all that is unnatural and undead. It all starts with the young solicitor, Jonathan Harker. He is called upon by his firm to travel to Transylvania from Britain to assist Count Dracula in his purchases of real estate. After he arrives, he discovers he is trapped inside a monstrous castle. Day after day he is tormented by many unearthly things. The Count begins his travels to Britain where he will search for Mina, who young Harker’s fiancée. Dracula believes she is his long lost princess reborn. Dracula is hunted by Van Helsing, whose primary goal is to destroy Dracula. The book is drafted in a somewhat documentary form. It includes newspaper articles, letters, and a copy of Jonathan Harker’s journal.

Exploring Dracula’s Alluring Appeal

What is it about Dracula that has given him an appeal that is imperishable? Many people believe that the main character’s open-ended nature is what paved the way to Dracula’s longevity. Even though he is the horror he encapsulates, he is also malleable. The book itself is quite ambiguous. Dracula is very mysterious. He is captivating and while the menacing figure only appears in 30 percent of the book, his presence is much greater.

Dracula also has a tension between himself and the other characters that is quite thrilling. He is a devil but also a charmer. When the young Jonathan Harker meets him for the first time he is intrigued but also disgusted at the same time. He feels the Count is both aristocratic but yet animalistic. Dracula was very courtly and proper. It is within the duplicity that shrouds the character that helped the story crossover to the big screen adaptations through the years.


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