Writing a Research Essay: a Quick Guide for Dummies

Research essay writing differs sharply from the creation of fiction. You will need to clearly explain why your points are valid and someone who is knowledgeable on the topic will immediately know if any of the facts you refer to are imaginary. Here is a quick guide to the writing of a research essay.

Brainstorm topics

Once you know that you have an essay to complete you can use your existing knowledge to come up with better topics. In this stage it is better to think in broad terms. Come up with as many ideas as you can and then decide which ones you prefer. When you make this decision, don’t limit yourself to popular topics. This could end up cheating you out of the opportunity to write something amazing and unique.

Compile resources

The writing of your essay relies on information. This is where research comes in. You will need to discover information that can line up with your chosen topic so that an essay of high quality can emerge. Try to compile as much information as possible but you will need to ensure that it is relevant.

Separate points from your data

Having collected piles and piles of data on your particular topic, you will need to sort out what points can be derived from it all. Some aspects of your data will reveal themselves as useless to your particular research so you can get rid of them early on. This can be troubling to you if you spent hours searching for data only to realize that it is not necessary to you but it helps to know that the things you include in your essay are not only true but useful.

Objectively analyze and arrange your points

Having separated the points from each other you can decide in what order they should appear in the final essay. Analyze each point and see how thoroughly you have addressed it and whether it needs further attention before inclusion in the essay.

Fix your beginning and ending

Once you have dealt with the middle of the essay which is its body, you can devote your remaining time to the crafting of an introduction and conclusion. These are better left for last because they are based on the contents of the body.

This is just a basic guide and many other aspects of research essay writing will become apparent to you as you delve deeper into the process.


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