Matrix Film

The Matrix film is a project originally released in theaters in 1999. The movie was written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers and featured an all-star cast. The movie depicted how humans would be in a dystopian future that was known as “the matrix.” The film featured characters with a dark futuristic look with machines being rebelled against. The humans featured special powers or effects that included electrical activity that helped to make energy for humans. The film has some scientific elements with a number of high tech special effects that became important staples in movie making history.

Many who saw the film had plenty to say both good and bad. It has been said the film was somewhat inspired by the bible. The film has plenty of action and special effects, which is something millions of people enjoy in any movie. But, the film has characters that actually have a connection with biblical characters. For instance, the name Anderson means “son of man” something that is discussed in the bible when referring to Jesus as the son of God. It is believed each character in the movie has some type of connection to different characters in the bible including their abilities and beliefs.

The movie had plenty of action that kept people on the edge of their seats. The film grossed over $400 million in theaters around the world. For many it was a great piece of entertainment to enjoy. For others, they had more than just an entertainment experience but a different perspective on moral and spiritual values. A few people could see biblical connections in the movie about how certain ideas are perceived in the world we live in. But, they tend to vary from one person to another depending on how they felt the movie portrayed a certain idea.

The Matrix brought more to the imagination as far as the spirit and the flesh is concerned. While some feel the movie provided an illusion based on personal belief, others think there is more to it than just living in a world with a bunch of machines. There are people that think the flesh and the spirit are two different things that may or may not exist next to each other. The movie gives another perspective of what reality could be like in another lifetime. Yet, this may depend on what faith you believe in.


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