Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On High School And College

The main idea of a compare and contrast essay is to find two things that can be compared and contrasted to each other. In your case, these two things are high school and college. There are several principles that can be helpful in the process of writing of such an essay.

  1. Find out what is expected from your essay.
  2. As a rule, academic papers of this type consist of five paragraphs. These five paragraphs involve an introduction, three body points, and conclusions. Sometimes, in specifically mentioned cases, the number of paragraphs is reduced to three, and the body is composed as one monolith part. You need to figure this detail out and plan the future text effectively.

  3. Start with an outline.
  4. The outline, especially a detailed one, will help you compose a winning compare and contrast projects without forgetting to mention anything important. In the outline, you can briefly plan the way you are going to compare and contrast high schools and colleges in general or by their particular features. You should never think that composition of an outline is a waste of time. It’s always an investment in the success of your project.

  5. Begin the research.
  6. Though every paper begins with an introduction, it does not mean that you should necessarily write in the same order. Start writing with the comparison, because in the introduction you will describe everything that you have received as a result of your research as an expected outcome. Besides that, the very process of comparing and contrasting can be quite complicated. You need to be very attentive and focus on representing the comparison in the clearest possible way for readers.

  7. Go to the intro and conclusions.
  8. Once you have described the compared and contrasted items, you can get down to writing the introductory and closing parts. Your main task is to represent your goal and the results of the comparison in such a way that readers first get interested and then have the impression of a profound complete work. This is what determines the success of your project.

  9. Check everything.
  10. After you are through with the research, check the spelling of every word and sentence. Besides that, make sure that you’ve kept in mind all the demands of the style of writing you’ve chosen for your project. Finally, make sure that all the reference information that you have used in your work comes from reliable sources.


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