Getting A Checked Sample Compare And Contrast Essay Online: Vital Advice

What do you think about a compare and contrast essay? Is it all about finding the similarities and dissimilarities between two events, persons, objects, etc.? If you believe so, you are right but only partially. There are some other factors which make what a compare and contrast write-up is.

If you are looking forward to writing such an essay or have already written one and trying to get it checked online for clarity and appropriateness, remember a few key points.

Fundamental components of a compare and contrast piece of writing:

  • Identification and explanation of at least three common key aspects or characteristics between at least two subjects.
  • Demonstration of similarities and considerable differences between all the key points.
  • Development of a thesis, which indicates the writer’s standpoint regarding the two subjects.
  • The strength of a particular subject in terms of that of another.
  • Explanation of strengths of the subjects if they both have them.
  • Explanation of noteworthy flaws and weakness if the subjects have any.

Styles of organization of the essay:

In practice, there are two styles for writers or essayists to follow as they attempt to organize their essays. They are the Block Approach and Point-by-Point Approach.

Block Approach:

This pattern of organization is the most popular choice among students focusing on writing short or in-class essays. The body of the content comprises discussion of a particular subject through a point-by-point style while composing all relevant details about the subject. Which points will be used for examining the two or more subjects are decided by the writers. The number of discussed points will determine the number of paragraphs placed into the body.

Point-by-Point pattern:

When writers are tasked with a compare and contrast essay that is longer, this is the most appropriate style. Ideal examples of topics for this pattern include the comparison between two short stories, articles, or novels. In the body of the content, one point is discussed thoroughly at a time. The pattern also requires that the writer shows each point that is discussed how it applies to the next points.

A few examples to convey a clear idea about this type of paper:

For comparing and contrasting two historical events or periods, some matters can be discussed including the time they occurred and what changes during the occurrence of each event. Also, the significance of those events can be compared in details.

To compare and contrast two theories and ideas, writers can include general overview of the theories and their time of origination. Comparison between the central focuses of the two can also be done.

Sources of compare and contrast essays:

Nowadays, there are several authentic sources which contain subject specific papers to meet students’ academic or other purposes. Teachers and other senior fellows who worked on the same subject can also be of help. Freelance writing websites and online libraries can be good sources too.


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