A Handful of Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Writing an argumentative essay is an easy task if you are working on an interesting topic. If your supervisor hasn’t assigned a topic, browse great examples that are easily found online or look through your textbook in order to find inspiration. Your essay should express the facts and your point of view about your study subject. You do not have to argue with your potential opponents or try to persuade your audience that your opinion is the right one. Your readers should be able to make their own decisions on the issue instead.

Try to pick subjects that you want to examine, and it will not be hard for you to write a great essay on time. Some nice topics have been collected below in order to help you come up with your own. After you select the one you like, you should do some literary research and make your final decision on the topic.

  • What are the pros and cons of gun control?
  • Why do many students understand explanations made by their peers better than those provided by their teachers?
  • Why do people eat more than they actually need?
  • What are the most dangerous habits for human health?
  • What techniques can help students learn more effectively?
  • What are the signs of emotional eating?
  • Why do people dream about imaginary worlds?
  • How can airlines ensure the safety of their passengers?
  • What are the pros and cons of blood donation?
  • Why do people need to vote?
  • Why do religions play vital roles in modern societies?
  • What drinking age is optimal?
  • Why do many people oppose gay and lesbian marriages?
  • Why do social networks become so popular among young people worldwide?
  • What are the most useful weight gain prevention tips?
  • How can young people set and achieve their goals?
  • Why should people read classical literature?
  • Can developed countries succeed in the fight against drug trafficking?
  • Why do people cheat on their mates?
  • Are there any effects of physical activities on work performance?
  • What are the main reasons of a job-related burnout?
  • Does music affect animal growth?
  • What are the influences of online friendships on children?
  • Why do people drink alcohol?
  • Can people save endangered species?
  • How can governments stop deforestation?
  • What are the differences between online and traditional learning methods?
  • Are vampires and werewolves real or myths?
  • Why does fashion influence the everyday lives of millions of people?

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