Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Finding a good persuasive essay topic can be pretty easy because if you look at all of the topics that you might find online, you might see the same ones that have been done over and over again but you could have a new way to look at the subject.  If you can’t find a new topic to do for your persuasive essay then you can do an older topic but breathe new light into it.  Here are some topics that you can use for your persuasive essay.

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Are food additives really unhealthy?  We hear about how processed foods and additives are so unhealthy for us but what is the real reason they are so unhealthy or are they okay in moderation.  You can look at how food additives are used in food and how they have gotten a bad reputation.
  • Are we overreacting to cholesterol?  Good and bad cholesterol are two different parts of cholesterol but do we really understand the difference between the two and how bad are they for our health?
  • Are fast food restaurants really accountable for the obesity problem or is it the fault of the citizens?   We hear it all the time on the news about the problem with obesity but is it the person’s problem or someone else’s.  The fast food industry has gotten a bad reputation on serving unhealthy foods but they aren’t the ones that are making the people eat the food, so how can the be accountable for their obesity?
  • Designer babies, if you don’t know what these are then I will tell you.  What if you could choose every aspect of how your child could look, acts, and so on?  Creating a designer baby can do it; people with lots of money have chosen to genetically create a baby of their choice.  This has taken in vitro insemination to the next level.
  • Can we reduce poverty by creating a better housing and living environment for the people?  Most people don’t understand what it is like to live in poverty but people that live it want out really bad and wish there was more that they and others could do about it.  Will improving their housing and living environment be one of the ways that they can change this?
  • Are food preservatives safe?  They are used in almost everything we eat now to help give them a longer shelf life but are they really safe and how do they do it?

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