Step-By-Step Instructions For Crafting An Evaluation Essay About Drama

The performance of a play is also an ephemeral experience and this is why it can always be exciting to write a play review. You will need to be both a spectator as well as analyst of the production. It will be necessary for you to offer a brief summary as well as the performance’s close objective. It will also be your role to offer an evaluation and interpretation if the whole ensemble starting from staging, acting and even directing. Here are tips on how to approach each of these steps.


You should have an introduction that includes the title of play. Include also the playwright’s name and any historical information regarding them. You should also have the name of director as well as date and place where the production was done. It is in this part that you should also include a thesis of the review. This should be made of:

An overview of whether the production was a success or a failure. However, you will need to remember that even if the play did not coincide with the concept that you had, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has failed. Remember that you are not out to discuss all the aspects of the production and therefore you should focus the thesis on one or 2 major concerns that you feel haven’t been addressed by the performance.

Write statement and summary

You should have a tried thematic summary of the drama. Use concrete evidence to support the summary. This summary should be in your introduction.


This is where you will be writing the review. Remember that the intention here is to deal with a specific element in the production. This should also already be mentioned in your thesis. To create that internal logic as well as cohesiveness, discuss the elements in the order that you outlined them. You may discuss the nontechnical areas of the production such as directing and acting or even the technical ones such as costumes, scenery and lighting.

Interpret, analyze and evaluate

This is a part that will need a lot of thought in its organization as it gets most of the attention from the reader. Once you describe the key elements in the production, you should go ahead and evaluate. For instance, discuss why the lights were dimmed at the beginning of the dramas or why the backdrop was in back.


Don’t just do a recap of the thesis mechanically. This is where you show why you believe the response to your play is significant and valid depending on what you have already described in the paper.


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