School Violence – A Social Problem

Violence is increasing drastically everywhere. Today, people resort to violence even for a small issue. Every day we hear about war and violence in the news. This has a tremendous negative impact on the present day younger generation who not only resort to violence in the streets but also in their schools. School violence is the use of physical or verbal force on any person within the school premises. It can also mean bullying or ragging where the victim is left mentally disturbed with the element of fear for attending school. This has become more regular these days and affected the youth of today’s world where children are scared to attend school. Schools nowadays has witnessed in the increase in the amount of degree of violence. In a place where children bring their books, pens, color pens, we find they also bring along dangerous weapons like guns, knives and other weapons to school. With incidents such as shootings in public schools and bomb threats elsewhere, how can we resolve such incidents of school violence?

A number of factors lead to school violence. Children are influenced by both socio and interpersonal factors. First of all, parents play a key role in the child’s life. Children look upon to their parents as a role model. So, parents should provide a moral guidance to their children and teach them the good etiquettes of life. The second most reason for school violence is mass media and newspaper. Violence is shown through many forms on television, radio and newspaper and even in the internet.

Education is the key to awareness for the welfare of the nation. Schools should follow a strict policy of discipline and have a standard procedure to ensure a positive environment within the premises. In many schools, there is disparity within the management and staff. Even though such disparity is present, it should be resolve in a dignified manner. The management, principal, staff and most important parents play a good role model to the students. It is the duty of the principal and teachers to impart knowledge to students in such a way that solves any kind of issues without the use of any form of violence. Mass media is an effective way to reach out to children as children are addicted to electronics. So, instead of showing aggressive behavior, they can discuss ways to eliminate violence completely.

Hence, I would like to conclude that school violence is a social problem and steps should be undertaken to wipe out any form of radical, violent behavior in the school premises.


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