Simple Instructions For Writing A Book Review Essay

A book review exercise can sometimes be a daunting task for any academician. It entails analyzing, describing and evaluating a particular issue in a book. This is more of a summary since it expounds more on what the author is intending to communicate at some point it may a critique to some aspects in the book. Below are a couple of instructions that will help you in reviewing a book;

  • Have an inner understanding of the book
  • Before you embark on the task of reviewing a book, it is very important that you take ample time to study the book. Carefully read it and highlight important points. Careful and in-depth studying of the text will help you to comprehend what the author is trying to pass across. Unless you understand the intention of the writer then you will not be able to review the book. Point out important themes and the audience the author focuses on in his/her text. These are very important because they must come out clearly in your review.

  • Evaluate the book
  • Take time to evaluate the text you have gone through. Look at the way the author presents the issues. Perhaps you can ask yourself a couple of questions. What are the key arguments that the author has put across? How effectively have they been put across? Do they have sufficient evidence to support them? Have a few other books that talk about the same topic. Compare and contrast the texts. This will help you to make your judgment and critique the text where possible.

  • Structure of your review
  • Having read the text and understood what it all about, it is time now to structure your review. First begin by making short notes of which you may have already made while you were studying the text. A rough structure of your book review entails;

    • Introduction- this should be brief and precise presenting of two important features; background information and thesis. You should include a brief historical perspective of the book you intend to review and clearly state the purpose of the review
    • Overview- this is where you briefly point out key arguments in the text without expounding on them.
    • Analysis- this is where you now evaluate the book and expand more on the main arguments that are in the book. Always remember to your thesis and make sure you have achieved it when doing the analysis of the text.
    • Conclusion- this is where you make a summation of your review in not more than one paragraph. Site the achievements and the failures of the author in his/her book.

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