Free Compare and Contrast Essay Papers: How to Find a Really Helpful One

There are two main focuses here, first that the paper should be free and second that the paper should be helpful.

Start by looking at the examples that your tutor has given you. Do you feel that the compare and contrast papers are helpful? Focus on what you find helpful and what you find difficult, this is very important because when you start looking at other papers you need to know what you are looking for.

A helpful compare and contrast essay should be structured like this

A compare and contrast paper should have a logical flow of ideas and guide the reader through the argument/s. It should have an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. It should be well supported by current evidence. There should be an equal number of comparison and contrasting aspects that provide a balanced view so as they reader can make up their own mind.

Each paragraph in the main part of the essay should read like a mini essay. They should start with an introductory sentence and then lead into the main part of the focus, the concluding sentence should draw a synopsis of the point and lead the way open for the next paragraph. One paragraph, one aspect of the argument. The conclusion should draw everything together so as the reader has a balanced view of the topic.

Finding a free compare and contrast essay paper.

Through using a search engine that accesses academic websites, find a selection of websites that specialize in compare and contrast essays. You may find that looking at homework websites are also useful with this process.

Some of the websites will also offer you some useful hints and maybe even have some instructional videos to help you with compare and contrast essay writing. Most will offer some samples that you can access for free.

To get a free sample you may have to sign up to the website. This does not mean that you have to provide you bank or card details, for most websites they just require you to give your email address. This is to make sure that other companies are not accessing the websites and taking samples to use themselves.

Once you have found what you feel is a suitable free examples then use the points covered above on the structure of a compare and contrast essay as a measure for its suitability as being helpful to you.


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