An Elaborate Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write An Essay

The dreaded essay, every student hates to hear that they have to write an essay on any subject.  Essay writing is hard and not too many students like to do it unless they love writing but even then the thought of all that research and writing can be depressing.  Don’t get in that mind set before you start to write your essay, you can do it but you just needs the steps to make writing it easier and faster.  These elaborate steps should be able to help you write your essay in no time.

Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Write An Essay

  • By now you should have already selected your topic for your essay, if not do that before you start these steps.  Now that you have your topic, you want to start your research of the topic.  You want to become an expert on the subject, use the Internet, academic databases, and your school’s library to find all of the information that you will need.  Take good notes and immerse yourself in the subject.
  • Since you have all the information now, now you can start to analyze the argument that you will use in your essay.  Figure out what your claims are and write down the reasons for this claim, the evidence that you have found, and look for weaknesses and strengths in the claim.  You have to know how to analyze the information before you can even begin to write your essay.
  • Now you need to figure out your insight on the subject with brainstorming.  You can do this by making a list of questions that you want to answer in your essay and then answering them.  After you have answered them then you can figure out which ones will fit best in your essay.
  • Most of the hard work is done but you still need to pick your best idea for the brainstorming to use as your thesis statement.  This is the main point that your essay will be on and you need to have at least two or three facts or supporting evidence to back up this statement.  Make sure it’s clear and concise so you don’t confuse or lose your reader.  Then you need to outline all of your information before you start writing your essay.
  • Now you need to write your first draft of your essay.  This is a rough draft so just write it and then you can go back a fix mistakes after you are done.
  • After you are done with your rough draft go back and take out information that doesn’t make sense, fix errors like grammar, sentence structure, language, tone, and so on.  The rewrite the whole thing again with the corrections and repeat until your essay sounds the way that you want it to.

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