The nineteen thirties decade entered in the history books due to number of world events which occurred during the decade. In fact, the decade recorded the most severe evidences which almost collapsed the economy of the world. Most people refer it as a dark decade. This is due to series of fatal experiences which happen within the decade.

The Great Depression

The decade started with the world most severe and the longest economic downturn which was referred to as The Great Depression. The great depression lasted for almost whole decade hence emerging as the most severe and longest economic depression in the history of the world. This economic downturn started immediately after the collapse of the stock market which resulted to panic of the Wall Street and discouraged millions of investors.

Although the great depression began in United States of America, it not limited to other world nations. The consequences of the great depression where felt in every nation around the globe. However, it was in United States where the great depression was more severe. As a matter of fact, by the time the great depression reached its extreme depth in 1933, about fifteen million United States residents had lost their jobs and almost half of the national banks had collapsed.

The situation would have worsened if it were not for relief and reform mechanisms established by the sitting American president by then, his Excellency President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These mechanisms helped to reduce the severity of the depression in nineteen thirties. However, the economy did not fully turn around until the start of the Second World War in 1939 when the American industries were kicked up into high gear.

The great depression as well increased the level of gender and racial discrimination among peoples. Especially in United States, the black American and women were highly discriminated. In fact, African Americans were often accused falsely and put in custody. However, it was not until when the affirmative action was implemented when the African American and women regain their position.

The Second World War

The Second World War was the most lethal and widespread battle in the history of the world having developed after just two decades of series of world conflicts such as holocaust and the battle of Normandy. The Second World War involved over thirty nations and resulted to over fifty million civilian and military casualties, although others records increase the number to about eighty five millions. The battle was triggered by the invasion of Adolf Hitler on Poland in the beginning of the year 1939, and lasted for six lethal years until 1945 when the last Nazi German and Japan allied were defeated.


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