First Christians In Western Europe

Christianity in Western Europe grew from a very humble beginning. It started in the 5th century AD from Asia. Christianity began as a small movement in Jerusalem and they believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God. Those that believed that he had preached the gospel in the 1st century led to the formation of the movement of the early Christian believers in Europe. All these early Christians who were in the movement believed that the gospel Jesus Christ preached was the way. They believed that it was the actual salvation of Judaism and it was the only way they could erase the past corruptions and mistakes. They thus chose to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe in Him. Christianity was viewed as a religion for a few people; the Israelites who were selected by God. Some scriptures in the New Testament forbid the Jews from preaching the gospel to the Gentiles. These early Christians, therefore, saw the gospel as a gift for them from the Lord. It was through the gospel that the Kingdom of heaven would be ushered onto earth.

Spread of Christianity

During the early time, the first Christians had a hard time. The gospel was highly protested by the Gentiles. Paul is one of the most renowned prosecutors of the Christians. However, after his conversion on the Road to Damascus, he converted to Christianity. He spent the remaining time of his ministry writing letters to the Gentiles and giving his testimony. This marked a crucial moment and beginning of an era that saw the spread of the gospel to Gentiles. The Gentiles then had to convert to Judaism for them to become Christians. Peter was the renowned leader of the early Christians insists that the converted Gentiles should follow the laws of Moses. This is opposed by Paul who believes that the promise of God to his people was fulfilled through Jesus Christ and that the Law of Moses was out of place. They now wanted to follow the law of the New Covenant which was taught in the New Testament.

Christian Religion For All

At first, Christianity was seen as a religion for a few people who were chosen by God. The servants and those lowly in the society were seen as not members of the Christian Faith. When eventually the Law of Moses as in the Old Testament came to an end and with the introduction of the Gentiles, all people were welcome to salvation.


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