Home By Toni Morrison

Home is a novel by Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison is a world class and Nobel prize-winning writer. She is a renounced writer and home is her 10th novel. It doesn’t take a reader to read through the whole book to identify that she is a master in literature works and especially her works. The book revolves around two principal characters Frank money and his sister Cee. The book’s plot focuses on Frank’s efforts to save his sister from her abusing husband. Home is among the novels that prove that Morrison is a deliberate and flexible writer. She can bring out all human experiences regardless of the race through her black character’s experiences.

Review of Home by Toni Morrison

Morrison incorporates violence, poetry and narrative nature all in one platform. The novel talks about how black men engage in endless conversations discussing collective and personal memories and experiences. Morrison talks about how black women struggle to make ends meet regardless of the prevailing threatening and harsh life conditions they find themselves in. Morrison's work is based on the life of people who are faced with numerous difficulties in their daily endeavours. Morrison ability to intermix real life situation and the efforts her characters put to survive and thrive despite the challenges that life offers them makes the novel even more enjoyable to read. The novel addresses the most life struggling journey that any American character has ever undergone in history. Morrison brings out the most painful human experiences in her book.

In the novel, there are two main points that Morrison wishes to drive home. First, no matter how best we think we know people we should think twice and take the time to understand them better and make informed conclusions about them. Second, despite the conditions that we face before we leave or departure from our homes to start new lives, home is the best place one can seek consolation after the harsh and life-threatening conditions that the outside world offers. The book is dense, lyrical, simple and earthy making it ever relevant. The story is emotional, satisfying, ultimately uplifting and painful, textured and can be read in one long sitting.

Major theme in the novel Home by Toni Morrison

The major issue in the home novel is how to counteract life-threatening situations that face people in some points of their lives. Through the story of a soldier who returns from war just to come home and be faced with racism and endeavours to save his sister from an abusing husband, Morrison is able to clearly bring out this theme throughout the novel.


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