Children In The Entertainment Industry

Movies and television shows fascinate us as do the celebrities who act in them. By watching their glamorous lives we can sometimes feel like we too are part of that world. They influence what we wear, what we eat how we exercise and even where we want to live. This is an industry that makes millionaires out of people who once were ordinary but should children really be encouraged to take part in it? This essay explores some of the reasons that might be put forward in the negative:

Lack of privacy

Childhood is a very special point in the life of a human being. We spend 17 years approximately being children and from that point onward we are adults. This comes with a host of responsibilities and expectations. For children in entertainment, childhood is not as simple as that. They are in the public eye at all times and are expected to look a certain way. This becomes especially difficult during adolescence. Children who were praised for their good looks can be subjected to harsh criticism once they get acne or put on weight as teens. This can lead to lower self esteem especially if they also experience a dip in popularity and job opportunities.

Packed schedules

Being a working actor or singer is often a full time job even if the guild stipulates that half of the working day is all they are allowed to work. This is because the remaining hours are often filled with dancing, acting and singing lessons to make the child as marketable as possible. They are often home schooled to ensure that their education fits in with the rest of their hectic lives. This makes anything resembling normal childhood activities almost impossible.

Difficulty transitioning into adulthood

Child stars who have become known for a very particular role often have difficulty transitioning into adulthood. Audiences often do not want to see them play new characters or sing new types of music which can encourage them to attempt outlandish things to be taken seriously as adults. This often backfires. The rate of suicide among former child stars is especially high as a result of this.

While there have been cases where people who got an early start in entertainment continued to have normal lives, many more have ended tragically. Parents have the responsibility to weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding if their sons and daughters are ready for all that show business entails.


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