Essay Writing Tips: How to Write a Good Conclusion

The conclusion of your paper is an important. You need to make sure that you don’t lose steam when you get to the end of the paper. You conclusion will be your reader’s last impression. It will be your chance to bring your paper together. It is also the last chance to get your point across. When writing your essay, there are a few things to do to ensure that you end with a good conclusion.

Every paper that you write will have an introduction, some body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction is the first paragraph and it introduces the topic to your audience. The body paragraphs are where you will explain your thesis. The conclusion is the last paragraph. It is designed to restate your thesis statement and to wrap your paper up. There are some tips that you need to follow to ensure that you write a good conclusion.

  1. Topic sentence

    The first sentence of any paragraph should be the topic sentence. The conclusion is no different. It can be designed like a transition statement but your reader should know that it is the conclusion. Try to avoid using the phrase “in conclusion”. Be a little more creative. No good conclusion ever started with that phrase.

  2. Restate the thesis

    The conclusion should restate the thesis. This doesn’t mean that you would just rewrite the thesis statement in the conclusion. You would want to rephrase it. You want come full circle back to the reason why you wrote the paper to begin with.

  3. Wrap it up

    The conclusion is the last chance to wrap the paper up. You should make sure that you answer any questions that the reader may have. The wrap up will bring your paper full circle.

  4. Leave them thinking

    A good conclusion will leave their readers with something to think about. Maybe it will be a fact that relates to the topic but also adds an extra layer to it. It will be something that enhances the topic. This is something that a lot of conclusions lack. It is a great way to leave that lasting impression that you are trying to leave for your audience.

Conclusions are usually just thrown together and they lack the luster that they really should possess. They are usually an after-thought. This is a huge mistake. Why would you want to spend all of that time developing your paper, just to let it die out in the final paragraph?


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