Beauty And Fashion In Italy

There are very few countries that can adequately contend with Italy when it comes to fashion. There is a strong culture that exists there which revolves around looking good, accentuating natural beauty, and starting new trends. Many fashion followers around the world rely on publications from Italy to get their fashion fix of latest designs and concepts. Fashion blogging is another aspect to this culture which has allowed Italy’s fashion expertise to be broadcast across the world.


The most popular fashion magazines in the world come from Italy. Names such as Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan, and Elle have become synonymous with fashion and beauty in almost every country across the world. These magazines not only give fashion tips, but beauty and relationship advice too. They have become the publications that millions of women live by. The fact that all eyes are continuously on Italy for the latest fashion advice is a testament to how apt this country is in understanding trends and creating new ones.

Fashion blogging

A new aspect to Italy’s fashion way of life can be seen in fashion blogging. Millions of men and women across the world read about latest styles and trends related to fashion and beauty tips. Many of these blogs cater for men’s fashion too, such as Men’s Reverie and The Three F. Among those that cater for women, the most popular ones include The Blonde Salad, Scent of Obsession, and The Fashion Fruit. These blogs have countless followers who seem to hang onto every word written by the respective blogs’ writers.

Fashion as a culture

Italian culture seems to centre on looking one’s best. We all know that the best men’s fashion comes from Italy and it’s no secret that many women mimic styles that originate from Rome and Venice. There is never a week in Italy that goes by without some big fashion show or beauty exposé. Whether it is clothes, hair, makeup, or shoes; Italy is often on the forefront of designs and trends while the world watches on in admiration.

While there may be countries that contend for the top spot in fashion culture, Italy seems to be a prevalent front runner on all categories of fashion and beauty. This trend-setting country will continue its preoccupation with fashion and the world will continue to marvel at the innovation Italy brings to the world of fashion on a daily basis.


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